1. Spaces and architectural structures form core of your work. How’s the process like when you transport the same from cityscape to canvas?
    The transformation of my core images through different process like first it start with photography that is like mother for all rest then I leave some of the image as it is which is not completing my ideas through photographs or its not possible then I go for different area like painting or collages and so on.
  2. What according to you would be a constructive approach to maintain the architectural and historical significance of a city in contemporary context?
    Proper juxtaposition , awareness and try to keep alive the history because from that we learn to take us further.
  3. Cityscape dotted with structures and its inhabitants are two different aspects that come into play when we talk of development or lack of it. Which of the two concerns you the most as an artist?
    City is not just limiting within some made structure rather, that is a part or element to build up a city . for me city means a lot , the whole psychology and gesture of living and non living elements along with brick structures.
  4. You are known to be a multi-faceted artist not known to be bound by canvas? What are the challenges of handling diverse mediums, and which one appeals you the most?
    See every medium has its own possibilities and limitations so first I need to understand what is the demand for specific content and context all the medium is challenging for me.
  5. How would you sum up the spirit of your artistic processes in terms of style and the subject?
    Definitely subject or in depth, content and context.
  6. Any new project that you are currently working on ..
    Planning for a photographic show in New Delhi by end of this year
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