My Art Practice and My Interest Part -1

The inspiration for Excavation comes from my archives and archival Images from History. Which have been present in my life for many years now. I chose to interact with these images through the medium of varied techniques and try to traces of the past.  The subject of the images could be based on historical traces of city, urban spaces or Archaeology.

What exactly is this process? It might be the idea of excavating my own artistic journey, which possesses its own time, history and memory. This is in no way an attempt to stop or to stand still, but rather, to push myself further in present time. History and archives cannot remain in the past as a standstill fact. My work is an attempt to bring them into my life through my own visual perception and reconstruct the memory to pass on further.

When I began series of works, always  I was not sure what I was seeking exactly, but I started to excavate and begin with new archival proposition to the old imagery it is my journey begin a new voyage with the history.

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