mages  are everywhere  in  the  city but  here  I am bringing a complete  different expression from city street and how  they are strong  from each  point. Birth place of this form of expression is entirely different. The street graffiti, which is mainly started from New York. Graffiti  was  used  primarily by  political  activists  to  make their statements and  mark  their  territory , though  graffiti movements such as the Cholos Style  of Los Angeles  in the 1930s and  the hobo signatures on freight trains predate the New York school, it was not  till the late 1960s that writing’s current identity  started  to form.

If we look at  point of cityscape, we can see  the  Graffiti form has  a  strong statement , form  and  sense of challenge to  exists  in the  city .  For me it’s an another voice of  a city and  also  a strong  form of a visual art also an integrated  part of urbanization .  Which  is most significant in  all  world  phenomena of  our  times.The  city has today  become an engine of growth, Everybody wants  to live in city  but city  is  not  extending  at the  same time it  has  to accommodate everybody within it .

Street Graffiti Remains as  undercurrent  of city  as  it  flow  on surface , many times  Graffiti  artist never  come  into  light for  a  pedestal.

My Exhibition is a  tribute  to those  Graffiti  artists  whose  voices  I  can’t  forget during  my  visit  to  London  so  I  brought  them  and  executed  in British Council  Café  in a  public  place  not in a exhibition  hall.   Photos  were displayed on wall ,  images  incorporated  with menu card and  food  matt  to  realize the  depth  of Images , it was  an  effort to  make  silent  interact with those  images .

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