On the Border :  With The pain

A Wound That Will Never Heal

. . . The pain And Sufferings of the borderlands–perhaps no greater or lesser than the emotional involvement by living within contradictions, cultures clash and life is lived on an edge. Wound that will not heal and yet is forever healing! These lands have always been here; the river of people has flowed for centuries.  Mountain exists for ever. It is only the designation “border” that is relatively new, along with the term comes into life one lives in this “in-between world” that makes us the “other,” marginalized. . . . well ,,,  that’s the limited world who suffer with the pain and inside truth never  ever comes out. Rather remain within the Television and Newspaper layers.

Having said all above, my works has all the elements essentially with its execution process.  fragments  has been evolved from inside layers of unknown people’s  voice.. In a process of the diagram as a generator of architectural form. I have tried, how building typology has historically provided the dominant model for a wounded civilization. In addition, dynamic diagramming and non-linear processes are being adopted as major statement but neglected by mainstream practice.

It’s a small effort to validate that voices what never in the frontline statement.

 Samit Das

2014 New Delhi

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