Chandigarh Fine Arts Museum 2001

 Curated by Peter Nagy

 I don’t know how much  my works are  based on the given theme, but  for sure it was based on the space  where the Museum is located.  Also the site within the Museum was inspiring. Chandigarh Fine Arts Museum was the site, which was built by a disciple and colleague of Corbusier. Unlike other artists within our group I did not took much interest with the artefacts of Museum, rather the site and how the source of inspiration worked from the city Builder Corbusier.

After partition it was Prime Minister Nehru who commissioned Corbusier to build the urban scape onto a barren land. As an artist when I first visited Chandigarh I find the city has been divided in three major section 1:  the Capitol Complex and other structure by Corbusier. 2:  the geometric planed city roads and various sector 3:  Neckchand ‘s Rock Garden, all together it’s strange combination with  Hard core Modernist Geometry and  organic  assemblage.

The site I got it was 25 square feet Exhibition hall with column   and   ample sky light. It was trigger thought to connect with Corbusier in context of present days  [ 2001] how one  young artist  is connecting with Chandigarh as it is. That’s the vantage points where my artistic intervention starts.

My whole installation starts with Xerox and photographic visuals, I took the money constrain part of the project as concept and execution process.  Viewer could take a look  onto the work interact with the Artist book  and may be  read  a whole  short story what has extracted from  Corbusier’s extended thoughts.

  My entire body of work was a single statement   of city as it looks and the transformation and questioning how much still history alive.  Because city never stop, it grows horizontally and vertically both and sometime direction less.  So sustainability of city is very important in context of history with contemporary aspects.

 Samit Das

 New Delhi 2001

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