Brief idea about my work

My monochrome   album consists   a series of  images from Bangladesh , which  reminds  me a bit of fragmented stories  from  my parents and relatives from their time in Bangladesh .  I got this picturesque structure; because   my ancestors had shifted from this country   during partition [1948-49], off course   it was   not really very pleasant experience. The pain of partition remains for longer time with many people.  Beyond that   they were having   excellent   memorable days from their time while staying here. Probably   they  want  to  live with   that  oral  imagery [from Bangladesh ]  and  pass  through  their  children as well.

Absence of camera has never become an obstacle to document their memory. So oral history was a powerful medium for them, which remains with them for many years.

For me it’s a great opportunity to be in Bangladesh as an visual interpreter. I have documented the surroundings   and its   landscape, river etc. to make a album for this project.  its  not  just a  simple  album  but  more  than  that .   because  this   physical  album  will  connect  the  oral  imagery  and  history   of  those  days ,  what  is  still  very  alive   with  my  family   and  my self.

Here certain   images , words,  and  various  objects   has  touched myself   to  connect the  past   and  to continue   the  journey   further ,,,,, probably that role  I am playing here.

Site –

I  have  chosen  this  site [ Space for open air class at Base center, Sonargaon]   to  execute my  work  because  this  place  is  for  special  training   to  various   people. As I noticed [within my staying period], here they follow the training through narration and storytelling process . In that point I could place myself and my visuals.  Off course  I  would  love  to  share  my    visual experience   as   a book  form  with   other  people. Because book plays very important role to create the journey.

Medium –

Ordinary laser print on paper and collage

Samit Das

Bangladesh [sonar gaon]


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