Act of Mind and Role of place [Historical and Modern Site]

I am interested to look upon the historical part of the city and sites which can inspire me to create a new vocabulary of space through my artworks because places and site has various role in may past art practice also its history, documentation and archival materials could be an important resource for my artwork or new space. Sometimes places act as important markers in people’s lives. Places can acquire meaning through significant experiences (trauma, loss) and through the experiences of change and transition (moving). Places related to these experiences can become meaningful regardless of being negative or positive. Places can become meaningful to people because of the relations they have had with other people for instance people living there – friends, acquaintances, relatives – places can become meaningful through social relationships but special places help to create meaningful relationships as well. Places have a great role in reminding us of our past. The connection to history that places form extends as already mentioned over all the categories of placemaking. On the individual level, they act for us as connections with special times or occasions in our life. Places can also act contrary and reflect continuity in our lives. But in other circumstances, places are valued for some decisions and changes that are connected to these and for interrupting continuity. Places are also used for awaking certain feelings like comfort, security, belonging, being anchored, self-expression, and freedom to be oneself all these meanings can sometimes also be seen as unifying certain groups.

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